Restauration connectée

Des aliments à emporter qui vous font avancer : nos solutions de restauration connectée procurent du bien-être 24 heures sur 24, garantissant ainsi le bonheur et l’énergie de tous avec de délicieuses options chaudes et froides pour tous les goûts.

Your Selecta advantages at a glance

Open around the clock

Create additional turnover in an uncomplicated way

No staff necessary

Our food vending machines

duo850+ (1).jpg
duo850+ (1).jpg
Réfrigérateurs intelligents Duo 850 pour les bureaux
evoca orchestra.png
evoca orchestra.png
Evoca Orchestra
Duo 600 Smart fridge pour les bureaux
Instant Single - smart fridge.png
Instant Single - smart fridge.png
Réfrigérateurs intelligents Instant single pour les bureaux
Instant Duo - smart fridge.png
Instant Duo - smart fridge.png
Réfrigérateurs intelligents Instant Duo pour les bureaux

Food vending machines are full of advantages

Modern machines offer numerous advantages - they are an uncomplicated solution for supplying your employees, customers, and guests with delicious food and snacks around the clock. The vending machines are easy to operate and can be filled with your products.

An affordable supply option at any time

Satisfied clients, employees, and guests

An increase in the attractiveness of the location

A diverse range of goods in a small space

A lucrative additional distribution channel

Low operating costs

Which products are suitable for a food vending machine?

Food vending machines make it possible to offer different products – you can determine the assortment yourself.

For example, the vending machine can be filled with the following products:


Fresh food


Ready meals


3 steps to the right food vending machine

What criteria must your future machine fulfil? We will help you find the right food vending machine.

First step: Define requirements

Write down a list of requirements that your desired appliance must meet. Close your eyes and visualise the vending machine. Possible questions could be: What products should the machine contain? How big should the machine be? And where should it be placed?

Then you should compare the different models thoroughly and pay attention to the different product details. Our tip: Involve your target group, for example, your employees, with the help of a short survey.

Second step: Analyse the location

Think about what you want to use the vending machine for. What are the special features of the chosen location? While some food vending machines are more suitable for outdoor use, others may only be placed indoors.

Third step: Determine assortment and filling quantity

Depending on the location, your vending machine may need to be filled daily. So make sure you can respond to the needs of your staff and customers at any time.


Do you have any questions?
Then we have the answers: you can reach us at any time via our contact form. Here are the most frequently asked questions about our food vending machines:

Who stocks the food vending machine?

You can fill your food vending machine yourself or use our first-class Selecta service . In this case, we take care of the entire process around the clock - you can sit back and relax. Thanks to the innovative use of telemetry, our local Joy Ambassadors can react in real-time to current vending machine stock data. Your machine is thus always filled with fresh food.

What does a food vending machine cost?

Once you are aware of the requirements your vending machine must meet, the next question is: What costs should you expect? Generally speaking, the higher the quality of the food vending machine's equipment, the more expensive it will be. It would be best if you calculated costs starting at £4,000 for a new machine, and top models with special functions can cost up to £11,000. This direct purchase is a good idea, for example, if you want to change the location of your office or business or expand your company premises.

Of course, it is also possible to rent our food vending machines. The costs can be between £80 and £400 per month , depending on the respective model and contract. We recommend the rental option for smaller companies that want to write off the costs directly.

You pay even less if you opt for a refurbished machine – a sustainable alternative. These machines are thoroughly checked and overhauled by our experts beforehand.

What payment systems are available?

For maximum convenience, our food vending machines offer various payment functions : from simple cash options with coins and notes to contactless payment, where customers can pay by mobile phone or card. Many consumers prefer contactless payment – it's uncomplicated, hygienic, and fast.

Did you already know? Contactless technology can also be retrofitted to your vending machine. It is compatible with all our machines.

Take advantage of Selecta's all-round service

With 60 years of expertise and passion, you're in good hands. We ensure that your machine is always clean and in optimal working order.

The Selecta full service leaves nothing to be desired: The all-around service includes regular technical maintenance, refills, and advice. We accompany you throughout the entire process – from choosing the right food vending machine to the constant optimisation of the range.

Do you have any questions? Then we have the answers: you can reach us at any time via our contact form to discuss your concerns.

With Selecta, you have a strong partner at your side

Whether it's a food vending machine, a snack machine, or a coffee machine: all Selecta machines provide your customers with enjoyment at the touch of a button. With Selecta as your partner, you receive high-performance machines with a long service life and benefit from our excellent fully service.

Did you already know? Our Foodies Micromarket is the perfect solution if you are looking for a flexible, cost-saving alternative to your canteen. With Foodies, you can offer your employees fresh products around the clock and create the market modularly.