Micromarket – Modern catering at the workplace

Would you like to have a large selection of tasty snacks, drinks, and hot meals at your workplace – around the clock? With a flexible micromarket, this is possible. They bring a new level of choice and satisfaction to your break room.

A micromarket in your office offers your employees, customers, and guests a real highlight for their lunch break. They are enormously practical and invite you to exchange ideas with your colleagues over a snack or drink – a social meeting place.
In the following, we explain the advantages of a micromarket and for which sectors the solution is particularly worthwhile.


Your Selecta advantages at a glance

Satisfied clients and employees

Large selection

Low workload

What is a micromarket?

As employees spend less and less time in the office on average, maintaining canteens is becoming a challenge for many companies. A micromarket offers a cost-saving alternative and a lot of flexibility: you can usually determine the size of the micromarket yourself and individually choose which products are offered.

In essence, a micromarket is a self-service kiosk where you can buy fresh food, snacks, and drinks.

What products can be offered?

Fruit and vegetables

Refreshing drinks

Coffee specialities


Fresh meals

Steam-cooked meals

Vegan and plant-based dishes

Fresh, healthy, and energizing.


Organic & Sustainable

With Foodies, you can include local fruits, vegetables and salads in the menu. Your employees will love it and nature, too.


Fresh & Functional

The flexibility of Foodies allows everyone to enjoy food and drink to the rhythm of their own lifestyle.


Vegan & Plant Based

Foodies also offers a huge range of fresh and nutritious, vegan, and planed based dishes.

Micromarket: advantages at a glance

The innovative sales concept is a plus for the whole company.

In addition, a micromarket offers the following advantages:

A large selection of different products

24/7 convenient supply options

Improved performance of your employees

Easier internal communication

No size or shape restrictions

Cost reduction vs a traditional canteen

No additional staff required

Customised branding and design

A Micromarket is suitable for these and many other industries:

Let us advice you!
For retail

For your office

For commerce

For industry

For the educational institution

Micromarket: frequently asked questions & answers

If you have any questions about our products, you can reach us via our contact form. Here we have summarised frequently asked questions and their answers:

You can equip your micromarket with optional payment systems, from simple coin insertion to contactless and mobile solutions. Cashless payment is the easiest option for your guests and staff.

There are two options. Either you take care of filling, cleaning, and refilling your micromarkets yourself. Alternatively, you can use our comprehensive all-around service. The Selecta service includes regular technical check-ups, refills, and consultations – so your micromarket is guaranteed to stay ready for use. We pride ourselves on our holistic service are happy to assist you, from selecting suitable modules to improving the assortment.

An alternative to the micromarket is a smart fridge. Such an intelligent fridge can communicate with the internet. Therefore, it can often determine itself when a food item needs to be refilled and opens when the consumer presents a payment method. This solution is well suited for flexible working hours. Alternatively, there are various vending machines for self-supply that you can set up in your office or commercial space.

Open minds need open space.

Food isn’t just about eating. It’s also an opportunity to meet, connect and share ideas.
That ’s why Foodies offers your employees an inviting, modern space. A room for thought, joy and collaboration. A social hub, which breathes the culture of your organization.


Your Mini-Midi-Maxi-food Market.

The Foodies Food Market is a fully flexible, modular concept. Whatever the size of your office or factory, Foodies can be adapted to it.


Your Foodies Food Market is highly scalable, from XS for 50 visitors per day with 2 modules and up to XL for 500+ visitors per day with more than 20 modules.


Each Foodies Food Market features an individual solution. Depending on your needs, you can add smart fridges, coffee corners, a shelving kiosk and hot steam food solutions.

A service that just works.

Profit from Selecta’s unmatched Swiss precision, industry-leading technology, and level of service. Whenever you need it.

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Our experts help you find the perfect solution for your specific needs.


We 'll take care of the whole installation process, handing you over the facility ready for operation.


Running out of products? Something needs to be fixed? We are there 24/7 and will take care of it.


We offer a wide range of payment options, including cashless and mobile.


Food needs to be 100% safe. We ́ll make sure that all safety standards are adhered to.