Snack vending machines

Fancy a snack? A snack vending machine comes in handy for spontaneous hunger pangs. Whether it's a muesli bar, a soft drink, or a salty snack, a well-stocked snack vending machine offers some variety between meals - around the clock and without the need for additional staff.

Your Selecta advantages at a glance:

Food access for your employees around the clock

Create additional revenue in an uncomplicated way

No personnel necessary

Our Snack Vending Machines

Mars Intelligent Vending 1.jpg
Mars Intelligent Vending 1.jpg
Mars Intelligent Vending Machine
Monte Carlo
N&W Melodia
Coffetek Palma H70
Crane Merchant.jpg
Crane Merchant.jpg
Crane Merchant
Evoca Twist.png
Evoca Twist.png
Evoca Twist (6 spirals)
evoca orchestra.png
evoca orchestra.png
Evoca Orchestra

A snack vending machine offers countless advantages

Snack vending machines are an inexpensive and uncomplicated way to sweeten your day around the clock. The best thing is that you can determine the assortment yourself so everyone can find the right snack.

Satisfied employees and guests

Better performance and increased productivity

An increase in the attractiveness of the location

Can be used both indoors and outdoors

An individual selection of products

Additional revenue without additional staff

Possible individual branding

Snack vending machine: What models are available?

Just like with all vending machines, there is a suitable model of snack machine for every profile requirement. Discover which snack vending machine is the perfect fit for your (company’s) needs:

What are the different models?
  • Spiral vending machine: Suitable for more robust foods and well-packaged snacks
  • Lift vending machine: Ideal for delicate food
Furthermore, snack vending machines differ in terms of their application:
  • Snack and confectionary vending machines: These vending machines can be filled with crisps, chocolate and cereal bars, fruit gums, biscuits, and other snacks. They are ideal for providing energy in between meals, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Snack vending machines with refrigeration: Unlike pure snack vending machines, these vending machines are also suitable for fresh food, thanks to refrigeration. They can be filled with sandwiches, fruit, freshly baked rolls, etc., thus providing employees and clients with wholesome meals. In addition, vending machines with refrigeration can also be used as combination vending machines and filled with drinks.


Do you have any questions?
Then we have the answers: you can reach us at any time via our contact form. Here are the most frequently asked questions about our snack vending machines:

What payment functions can snack vending machines have?

Payment solutions for snack vending machines range from coin insertion to contactless solutions. Our tip: Contactless payment makes consumers more satisfied because it is quick, easy, and hygienic. Our readers work with contactless cards, chip cards, and a range of mobile payment apps.

Where may a snack vending machine be placed?

The placement of vending machines is regulated by local laws and may vary by location. On private property, a snack vending machine may generally be set up anywhere as soon as the owner has granted permission. You may need additional permission from your local council as well, as they may be subject to food safety regulations.

It is important to note that escape and rescue routes must be clear. It is necessary to consult the responsible persons, e.g., fire protection officers.

Our recommendation: The full service from Selecta

Our Selecta full service leaves nothing to be desired. We make it as easy as possible for you to cater to your employees. The fully managed service includes regular technical check-ups, refills, and counselling sessions. Selecta accompanies you throughout the entire process - from choosing the right snack machine to continuously optimizing the assortment.

With Selecta, you have a strong partner at your side

All Selecta machines serve the same purpose: enjoyment at the touch of a button with long service life. With Selecta as your partner, you not only get high-performance snack vending machines but equally strong service.

Did you know? In addition to snack machines, we also offer cold drink vending machines, among other things. The result is an all-around successful catering experience!