Flexible options to meet your needs.

Why choose Contactless Payment?

Contactless payment is a joy for consumers because it’s so quick, easy and hygienic.

Our readers work with contactless cards, chip cards and a whole range of mobile payment apps such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Google Wallet.

Contactless technology works with all our vending machines and can be retrofitted to your existing machines.

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Hygienic, intelligent and Versatile

Our contactless vending machines and coffee machines have no touchpoints, making this a hygienic solution for shared office spaces and campuses. The machines use telemetry technology to give us real-time data, so we can make sure your machines are always fully stocked and optimised to deliver many moments of joy. It’s a highly flexible solution too. For example, you can easily offer visitors and employees vend tokens with a contactless chip. Look at our vending solutions or make an enquiry today to find out how cashless solutions can better meet the needs of your business.