Hot Drinks Machines

Coffee is an essential part of our day, keeping people focused and alert throughout the day. With our hot drinks machines, your favourite beverage is prepared at the touch of a button.

These machines can run 24 hours a day — even the smaller models designed to save on space. This means your employees, customers and guests get quality coffee without needing additional staff to man the stations.

We produly serve Starbucks Header 2.png
We produly serve Starbucks Header 2.png

The Advantages of Our Hot Drinks Machines

A Variety Of High-Quality Hot Drinks

Satisfied Clients and Employees

Minimal Labour Cost

The Advantages of a Hot Drinks Machine

In addition, our hot drinks machines boast a range of advantages including:

High-Quality Refreshments Available 24/7

A Large Variety of Beverage Options

Satisfied Clients, Employees and Guests

A Machine That Doesn’t Detract from The Decor

Additional Turnover Without the Associated Labour Costs

Individual Styling with your company branding

Available Models

Our available types of hot drink machines include:

Table-Top Cofee machine

Our tabletop coffee machines are easy to operate, save space and prepare excellent coffee in a matter of seconds.

Machines With Selected Brands

Our machines host a variety of brands, from We proudly serve Starbucks, to Nescafe and Pelican Rouge – among others.  

Floor Standing Machine

These larger vending machines are typically better suited for spacious offices with a high beverage consumption. 

Do you have any questions?

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Choosing The Right Hot Drinks Machine for Your Business

To guarantee that your employees, clients and guests are happy – it’s important to choose the right vending machine.

Step 1: Define Requirements

First, understand the requirements your machine needs to fill. Decide if a variety of hot beverages is important compared to only serving coffee. Then decide the size of the machine and who the primary customers are.

Step 2: Understand Your Location

Understand how much site space is available and decide how it’ll be used. Is there enough space inside your site for a larger machine, or will a smaller one work better?

Step 3: Determine Assortment and Filling Quality

Finally, it’s important to determine what sort of beverages employees and customers are most likely to consume. We can help you develop a restocking plan that ensures there won’t ever be a drought your supply.

Types of Hot Drinks Available

Popular coffee specialities

Traditional Coffee

instant coffee

De- caffeinated instant coffee

cocoa, chocolate milk, and more


hot water