Coffee station for the office – a real pleasure for the whole team

Even the wonderful aroma of fresh coffee awakens the soul and can boost mental performance. Coffee acts as a pick-me-up in the morning, rounds off lunch, and gives the team an extra energy boost in the afternoon.

So, a coffee corner in your office offers your employees, clients, and guests a real highlight. Such coffee bars are visual eye-catchers and a central meeting place to exchange ideas.
We show you what is important when buying, which models are available, and what advantages you can look forward to.


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Satisfied clients and employees

Large selection

Low labour input

The advantages of coffee corners

Convivial, motivating, beneficial – a coffee bar in the office can become your social hub. Coffee bars offer many advantages; for example, they contribute positively to the working atmosphere and bring your team closer together. Vending machines are an uncomplicated solution for providing your guests and employees with delicious coffee specialities.

In addition, a coffee bar offers the following advantages:

Freshly prepared coffee of the highest quality

Improved concentration of your employees

Promotes internal communication

An attractive benefit for potential applicants

No additional staff required

A chance to show off your individual branding and design

How to find the perfect coffee station for your office

Buying a coffee bar should be well considered – with a bit of preparation and structure you can ensure that your coffee corner is just the way you want it. We'll help you find the right coffee station.

First step: define requirements

Think about what criteria your future coffee bar should fulfil. For example, ask yourself: How big should the coffee station or tea kitchen be and for what purpose should it be set up? How many cups are needed per day? Which coffee specialities should be offered? It is best to visualise the coffee station.

Second step: Analyse the location

It is essential to consider where the coffee bar should be located. Outside or inside? In the office space or a separate room? Make sure that the coffee machines you choose are suitable for the environment.

Third step: Determine assortment and filling quantity

Of course, all employees, clients, and guests should be able to enjoy different coffee specialities. To achieve this, the hot beverages must always be in stock – even at peak times and on special occasions. Depending on the location, it may be necessary to fill your coffee station daily. For this, we advise you to pay close attention to the preferences of your guests, employees, and clients.

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Coffee station: which hot drinks can be prepared?

Depending on the coffee station and the equipment you choose, your employees, clients, and guests can look forward to the following beverages:

Popular coffee specialities

bean-to-cup coffee

instant coffee

decaffeinated instant coffee

cocoa, chocolate milk, and more


hot water

Sending you a whole latte joy: our coffee solutions.

Great coffee makes a great day. It helps you kickstart the day, round off your lunch and brings that extra infusion of energy to the team in the afternoon or late at night. That´s why Foodies is offering you a wide selection of the finest coffee solutions; from high quality blends, roasted in our own Pelican Rouge roaster since 1863, to the best beans to cup coffee machines and world-class brand likeand world-class brand like We proudly serve Starbucks® and Nescafé. There are endless possibilities to bring joy to your employees, guests and visitors.

Our tip

If you are looking for a cheaper solution, we have an alternative for you: You can also rent the equipment for your coffee station. Depending on the model and contract, you should expect costs from £80 per month. We recommend this option especially for small businesses.

Coffee station for the office: frequently asked questions & answers

If you have any questions, the best way to reach us is via our contact form. Here we have summarised frequently asked questions about coffee stations for you:

Yes you can. You can equip your coffee bar with various payment systems: ranging from a coffee cashier to coins and contactless solutions. Cashless payment is the most plannable solution for you - and the most convenient for your employees.

If you ultimately decide against a coffee station for your office, we offer you alternatives to still provide your employees, guests, and clients with pleasant drinks: a hot drinks machine offers your team a wide selection of beverages. The spacious floor-standing machines are particularly suitable for large offices. Table-top solutions, on the other hand, are much more space-saving.

Here you have the choice: either you take care of cleaning and refilling your machines yourself, or you use our comprehensive service. Selecta's fully managed service includes regular technical check-ups, refills, and consultations to keep the quality of your coffee station perfect. We accompany you from the very beginning: from the choice of suitable machines to continuous optimisation.

Top coffee machines with strong service

Sit back and relax – thanks to 60 years of expertise and a wealth of experience, we can guarantee excellent service.
With Selecta as your partner, you get high-performance coffee machines from renowned manufacturers with top service. Our goal: our machines should provide your employees, guests, and clients with enjoyment at the touch of a button. Day after day after day.

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