As Europe’s leading food and drink solutions provider in the workplace and on-the-go, we bring millions of moments of joy to people every day. Sustainability is an integral part of the way we do business. We developed a structured approach to work towards a sustainable future in collaboration with our associates, clients, supply chain partners. Together we have committed ourselves to four strategic pillars, targeting the key areas in which we can make a positive impact.

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Making Sustainable choices

Discover some of the ways we're helping reduce environmental impact, promote a circular economy and support our communities.

How we’ll make a difference

As ONE Selecta we are committed not only to delivering high-class service but also to doing so in a sustainable way. We're focusing on four areas for action: Respecting the Environment, Healthy and Sustainable Products, Sustainability in our Supply Chain, and Being an Employer of Choice.


On average, 56% of the electricity we source at our warehouses and offices was generated from renewable sources. We continue to pursue renewable energy sourcing at our buildings.


Our fleet reduced from 7,000 to 5,000 vehicles in 2021 due to right-sizing and efficient routing enabled by an average of 37% telemetry coverage and continue expanding this program.


Our green car policy across the group aim to increase the share of fully electric or hybrid. For instance,  Oslo and Amsterdam would have a fully electric fleet by the end of 2022.


We offer plant-based topping alternatives as a healthy and environmentally friendly options. We continue the product development by discovering different plant-based flavors for our toppings.


We reduce food waste by adjusting the filling rate and planograms of our smart fridges while setting consumer awareness campaigns.


We are running tests to transition the Pelican Rouge brand to 100% mono-material coffee bags and so far increase the share of paper cups 75% across the group.


Through the Selecta Coffee Fund, we invest in farm level programs in the coffee-growing communities we purchase from to improve farmers’ livelihoods.


We implement the Supplier Code of Conduct to highest standards of ethics and  collaborate with our business partners to achieve improvement.


We currently roast around 15,000 tonnes of coffee annually, of which 58% is certified by Fairtrade, UTZ or Rainforest Alliance.


We deployed the mandatory ‘Needs Based Solutions Training’ for our solutions teams across all Selecta markets and constantly train our Joy Ambassador & Technicians.


We work towards zero preventable accidents in the workplace through initiatives such as the Safe Home program ensuring Selecta drivers to return home safely.


We developed the Diversity and Inclusion working team, embedded Diversity & Inclusion into our 12 Principles, and launched local initiatives.


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