Self-Serve Snack Markets for Offices

Our snack market is an easy way to grab, pay for and enjoy a range of high-quality food. Meet friends, work together and get inspired in our modern, inviting canteens that are operational 24 hours a day.

___Girls having snacks.17582517053868344954.jpg
___Girls having snacks.17582517053868344954.jpg

Why Choose Our Snack Market?

Grab-&-Go with Seamless Payments

A Modern & Inviting Space Where People Can Socialise

Filled With the Snacks & Beverages Your Employees Love Most

An Energy-Efficient Solution to Rising Energy Prices

Flexible For All Location Sizes

Adaptable To Future Trends

An Assortment of Up To 100 Health and Tasty Snacks


A Place to Refuel & Socialise

Our range of high-quality catering solutions can be enjoyed alone or as part of a group. Lunchtime is the best place to meet new people, network and bond with co-workers. Our modern, inviting canteens provide a space to do just that.

How Hungry Are You?

Our Snack market is a flexible, modular solution that can expand or shrink to fit any office spaces and catering needs. Whatever the workplace, our Snack Market can be a perfect fit.


• Width 240cm

• 100 articles

• Two shelving units

• Payment kiosk

Unmatched Service

Profit from Selecta's unmatched service, data-led insights and experienced maintenance staff. Industry-leading technology is always one call away.

Get to know our service


Our experts will help you find the perfect snack market for your business.

Modern & inviting

We help create a social hub where people can meet, chat, and collaborate.


We provide an expert restocking service, with a client team on standby to answer your queries 24/7.


Our Snack markets offer a range of coin, note, or cashless solutions — so you can pay your way.


We ensure all our food remains within health and safety guidelines.