Food Vending Machines

Selecta provides a wide range of healthy food options for all dietary requirements – from yoghurts to salads and even ready-made meals.

Our food vending machines offer a wide selection of brands at the touch of a button. These easy-to-use machines are open 24/7, offer maximum convenience for low operating costs – and require no staff to manage.


duo850+ (1).jpg
duo850+ (1).jpg
Duo 850 Smart Fridges for Offices
Crane Merchant 4
Crane Merchant.jpg
Crane Merchant.jpg
Crane Merchant
Evoca Twist.png
Evoca Twist.png
Evoca Twist (6 spirals)
Instant Single - smart fridge.png
Instant Single - smart fridge.png
Instant Single Smart Fridges for Offices
Instant Duo - smart fridge.png
Instant Duo - smart fridge.png
Instant Duo Smart Fridges for Offices
evoca orchestra.png
evoca orchestra.png
Evoca Orchestra
Duo 600 Smart Fridges for Offices

Our Food Vending Machines…

Are Available 24/7.

Create Additional Turnover.

Require No Staff.

The Advantages of Selecta Food Vending Machines

They’re Affordable.

Clients, Employees and Guests are Always Satisfied.

They Become the Centrepiece of Any Room.

They Offer a Diverse Range of Food — Even in Small Spaces.

They Can Provide a Business with Additional Revenue Streams.

They have a Low Operating Cost.

Products Used in Our Vending Machines Include…


Fresh food


Ready meals


A Guide to Finding the Perfect Vending Machine

Outline Requirements

  • Create a list of needs an appliance must meet.
  • Ask Yourself: 
    • What products will the machine contain? 
    • What site limitations are there? 
    • How many people will it need to support?
  • Next, compare the functionality of different products. It’s helpful to create a focus group of customers, guests, or employees for more accurate results.

Understand The Location

  • Think about the site location, and ask yourself: 

    • What is special about your site? 

    • Is the site indoors or outdoors? 

Determine Assortment & Filling Quality

  • Anticipate how long it will take to restock the machines, and how many times per month a restock will be required. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who stocks the food vending machine?

Clients have the option to fill the food vending machine themselves or request regular stock deliveries from our first-class restocking service. Thanks to telemetry, our re-stocking team can react to stock shortages in real time - so you can sit back and relax.

How Much Do Our Food Vending Machines Cost?

The higher the quality of the vending machine equipment, the more expensive it will be. Calculated starting costs for Selecta vending machines sit roughly at £4000, while top models can cost upwards of £11,000. Rented options for machines can cost between £80 - £400 per month.

What Payment Systems Are Available?

Our vending machines come with a variety of payment options depending on the demographic of clients being catered for. These payment options include cash payments and contactless and mobile transactions.

Selecta: Restaurant-Quality, 24/7 Service

Selecta has over 60 years of experience in providing quality catering solutions for our customers. Our professional maintenance and restock team ensure that your machines are always fully stocked check all the components to make sure things are running smoothly.

We also offer a skilled advice helpline open 24/7. Have a question? Give us a call.

Selecta: More Than Just the Average Vending Machine

All vending machines are designed for a single purpose – to provide snacks and nutrition. But Selecta does more than just that, providing high-quality, gourmet catering options at an affordable price.

In addition to our range of food vending machines, we offer a flexible alternative to lunch with our ‘Foodies’ Micromarkets. A fix-all solution for self-service catering needs.